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Expanding the Scope of HR Services and Expertise to Better Serve Our Clients

At AIGC, we believe in the power of collaboration to enhance the services and value we provide to our clients. That's why we have established a strategic partnership with SACB Management Solutions, a leading management consulting firm in Saudi Arabia, with a strong focus on Human Resources. Our alliance with SACB Management Solutions enables us to offer a more comprehensive range of specialized HR services, providing our clients with a truly holistic approach to their business needs.

The SACB Management Solutions Advantage

At AIGC, we are proud to partner with SACB Management Solutions, a firm for delivering a wide range of top-quality professional HR services to meet clients' unique needs. Our collaboration with SACB Management Solutions ensures that we can provide comprehensive support to businesses across various industries. With AIGC and SACB Management Solutions working together, you can confidently navigate your HR challenges, knowing that our diverse HR services and expertise are tailored to your success.

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Diversified HR Services through Collaboration


HR Audits & Assessments

SACB conducts audits and assessments of a client's HR functions to evaluate their effectiveness and measure their compliance. The assessments cover several areas, such as compensation & benefits, HR strategy, compliance with policies & procedures, implementation of authority matrices, etc. SACB helps its clients identify areas for improvement, and the action plans it recommends and assists in execution will have a significant impact on the client's objectives of increasing productivity, maintaining compliance, reducing costs, and sustaining functional development.

HR audits and assessments

HR Strategy Formulation

SACB's Advisory team has extensive experience in formulating HR strategies and aiding in executing them. We believe that the HR department needs to have a solid & well-articulated strategy that supports the organization's growth and long-term vision. The strategic mission and objectives SACB develop will address the HR requirements to remain a business partner and play a strategic role in supporting the overall strategy.

HR strategy formulation

Organization Structure Development

SACB assists organizations in translating corporate strategies and operating models into an organizational structure. The team starts with a thorough understanding of the major activities the client has in order to determine the necessary capabilities and allocate and evaluate individuals accordingly. SACB believes that an effective structure will enable the organization to successfully execute its overall strategy, clarify the span of control, and identify the required communication channels to accelerate problem-solving and decision-making.

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HR Policies, Procedures, & Manuals

SACB's experience in governance & compliance enables it to develop various  HR policies and procedures for its clients. In addition, it helps clients create organized manuals to provide the framework within which an organization operates. Examples of manuals include the Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct, and HR Manual (P&P). The more clarity an organization presents, the better understanding of rules and guidelines will exist.

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Job Analysis & Competency Frameworks

SACB's job analysis methodologies translate the main job factors (e.g., the scope of work, knowledge, experience, reporting lines, etc.) into clear and well-structured job descriptions. The approach SACB uses in its analysis varies from one role to another but usually starts with job analysis questionnaires or one-on-one interviews. SACB helps its clients develop competency frameworks with clearly defined levels for each competency to enable implementation across all job titles within the organization. Not only does SACB help its clients implement the competency frameworks in developing job descriptions and initiating training programs, but it also assists them in job evaluation and grading.

job analysis and competency framework

Job Evaluation & Grading

SACB offers job evaluation and grading services to help clients develop a grading structure that reflects the relative value of each position or job family within their organization. Our team of experts evaluates existing jobs against multiple factors, such as knowledge, innovation, leadership, the scope of work, contribution to organizational growth, task complexity, risk, and more. Based on the organization's size, we use the necessary methodologies to develop a grading structure that is appropriate for the client's needs. Our services can help clients align their compensation policies with market practices and retain their top talent.

Job Evaluation and grading services

Rewards Management

SACB reviews & designs rewards structures in line with the client's reward philosophy and overall strategy. This enables the organization to achieve the highest level of equity and increase employee satisfaction. In addition, having a competitive rewards policy will help SACB's clients acquire and retain talents. SACB also benchmarks the existing rewards practices (compensation & benefits) against the market (organizations of the same size or industry).

Rewards Management Services


SACB provides professional services in the field of HR Training & Development to facilitate the improvement of employees' performance and accordingly enhance the productivity level at the organization. SACB's team is ready to develop and deliver training sessions on soft & technical skills. It also offers to conduct the training need analysis (TNA) for its clients and create individual development plans.

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Leadership Development Program

The workplace is ever-changing, and leaders must develop skills to keep up, and we understand that leaders can either make or break your organization. Our customized leadership development services aim at improving the skill sets, abilities, and confidence of current business leaders and bringing on the company’s next generation of future leaders. Moreover, we help our clients audit their leadership effectiveness through the 360 Development program by which we provide a fuller picture of whether the leaders are demonstrating leadership qualities to their peers, direct reports, and own managers.

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Performance Management

We help you introduce a performance management program that can be easily managed throughout the year. Our advisory team will customize the approach based on your organization’s size in which a two-way communication system will be introduced and developed. Our services include but are not limited to, developing periodic performance appraisals, performance scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), objectives and key results (OKRs), and automation plans for the existing performance management practices.

performance management

Employee Engagement

SACB helps its clients develop diagnostic, deep dive, and pulse surveys to measure employee engagement/satisfaction with powerful analytics and effective action planning. Our approach begins with asking the right questions about the assessment factors (such as career growth, communication, compensation, leadership, equal opportunity, development plans, etc.). After that, our project team analyzes the results and works with the client on defining the action plan required to revamp the results. We also partner with our clients to improve the eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) as the company grows.

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Succession Planning

SACB believes that the absence of successors is a risk that any organization might face if it does not implement a well-defined career progression plan. They assist their clients in developing their career progression plans in accordance with their overall strategy and requirements. In addition, their Advisory team develops the employee promotion policy that is linked with the existing performance management system. The programs they initiate a focus on experiences and abilities the employee will need in the future.

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Organizational Values Workshops

According to the 2019 Glassdoor Mission and Culture survey, 73% of people surveyed said they would not apply to a company unless its values align with their values. Understanding the organizational values will help employees make better choices and be more accountable if they know what is considered important to the organization. SACB offers different corporate values training activities and conducts customized workshops on how the organization can get everyone on the same page. They enable their clients to define their organizational values by understanding their company's image, analyzing their values, encouraging open communication, defining company aspirations, and linking recruitment, and onboarding.

organizational values workshops

Recruitment and On-boarding

Attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for the success of any organization. SACB offers recruitment and onboarding services to help clients find the right candidates for their open positions and ensure a smooth transition into their new roles. Our team of experts can help clients identify their recruitment needs, source potential candidates, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and perform background checks. Additionally, we can help develop onboarding programs to ensure new hires are quickly integrated into the organization and provided with the necessary tools and resources to succeed.

recruitment and onboarding services

Decision Metrics

Making effective decisions is critical to the success of any business. SACB offers decision metrics services to help clients accelerate the decision-making process at both the departmental and company levels. Our team of experts can help clients develop decision matrices (also known as decision grids) that prioritize tasks, solve problems, and defend decisions already made. We ensure that the right stakeholders are involved in developing critical projects, and we draw on our wide experience in governance and compliance to help clients make complex decisions.

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Shaping the Future of Governance: AIGC's Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Aldar International for Governance Consultancy “AIGC” (member firm of “Allinial” Global)  is a leading provider of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions for businesses in the Middle East and beyond. Established with the mission to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of GRC, we have become a trusted partner for numerous clients across various industries. Our expert team of consultants, led by Mohammed-Nasser Barakat, is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of each organization.


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Expanding Reach & Enhancing Expertise

Our alliance with SACB not only enables us to diversify the services we offer but also strengthens our position in the Saudi Arabian market. As a trusted partner, SACB brings a wealth of experience and local knowledge, helping us better understand the unique needs and challenges faced by businesses in the region. This collaboration allows us to build on our shared commitment to delivering exceptional service, expert advice, and innovative solutions to our clients, no matter where they are located.

Building a Brighter Future Together

At AIGC, we are proud of our partnership with SACB and the benefits it brings to our clients. As we continue to work together, we are confident that our combined expertise, innovative approach, and shared values will drive success for our clients and create a brighter future for their businesses.Explore how our partnership with SACB can help your organization reach new heights by contacting us today. Together, we can help you achieve your business goals and navigate the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace.

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