Our AIGC's strategic partnerships with MED Group and SACB Management Solutions, working together to provide top-notch governance and risk management solutions.

Our Dynamic Partnerships

At AIGC, we recognize the power of strategic partnerships in driving our success and delivering exceptional value to our clients. Our collaborations with established and innovative organizations enable us to leverage their expertise, resources, and market presence to expand our reach and diversify our offerings. We are proud to showcase our partnerships with SACB Management Solutions and MED Group, highlighting the positive impact they have on our clients and the value they add to our operations.


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Turkey-based MED Group

Our partnership with the Turkey-based MED Group

Established in 1981, Turkey-based MED Group provides a comprehensive range of services to companies across various sectors. Our collaboration with MED Group enables AIGC to expand our reach, covering Turkey and surrounding countries while establishing a strong client base in the region. This partnership further enhances our ability to deliver innovative, international-standard solutions and services to our clients.

SACB management solutions

Our partnership with the Saudi Arabia-based SACB Management Solutions

Our partnership with Saudi Arabia-based SACB Management Solutions empowers us to diversify our services by offering specialized solutions in family governance and HR services. By leveraging SACB's expertise in management consulting, governance, and compliance, we provide our clients with tailored, high-quality solutions that cater to their unique needs and objectives.

independent member of Allinial Global

Our partnership with Allinial Global

AIGC is proud to be a partner with Allinial Global, a member-based association dedicated to the success of independent accounting and consulting firms. With regional liaisons boasting extensive connections across the Americas, EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India, Africa), and Asia Pacific, Allinial Global supports a vast network of 261 member firms operating from 947 offices worldwide.Established in 1969 and present in 105 countries, Allinial Global encompasses approximately 38,000 consultants and generates average revenue of $5 billion. The association is committed to providing client-focused advisors with the best solutions based on location and industry expertise.As a strategic affiliation of legally independent accounting firms, Allinial Global's mission is to foster the independence, profitability, and continuous improvement of its members. Their outstanding performance has been recognized with the Rising Star Association award for the third time by The Accountant and International Accounting Bulletin at the 2021 Digital Accountancy Forum & Awards program.Our partnership with Allinial Global enables AIGC to leverage the association's wealth of knowledge, resources, and global connections, ensuring that our clients receive the most innovative and effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

hard-working dedicated consultants

The Impact of Our Partnerships

Our collaborations with SACB Management Solutions and MED Group have led to numerous benefits for our clients and the broader community, including:


Diversified Services

Through our partnership with SACB, we can offer specialized services in family governance and HR, addressing the diverse needs of our clients and helping them achieve their goals.


Expanded Market Reach

Our collaboration with MED Group allows us to extend our services to Turkey and surrounding countries, tapping into new markets and opportunities for growth.


Access to Industry Expertise

By partnering with industry leaders, we gain valuable insights and knowledge that enable us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver innovative solutions in line with the latest market trends.


Enhanced Efficiency

Our partnerships allow us to optimize our processes and resources, ensuring that our clients receive timely, high-quality services.


Shared Values

By collaborating with organizations that share our commitment to excellence, we can ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service and support.