Risk-Based Internal Audit

Risk-Based Internal Audit

As the world of business transforms, the need for a strong and independent internal audit has never been greater and finding the right range of skills can be even more challenging.
Working with our Risk Advisory Practice provides you with a range of solutions, giving you a depth and breadth of skills, whilst retaining the flexibility to focus on and address the commercial realities.

Risk-Based Internal Audit (RiBA) is implemented to keep pace with changing and increasingly sophisticated technology, the changing risk profile of organizations, and increasing service level expectations. To achieve that, we adopt a more sophisticated method with a risk-based and risk-driven planning and auditing perspective.

(RiBIA) allows the auditors to concentrate their resources depending on strategic objectives, asses criteria, and risk probability thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of audits.

Our methodology has been designed to be sufficiently flexible so that it can either be used as the sole methodology on an assignment or to be tailored with a client’s existing methodology. our approach is structured in five sections, reflecting the key phases in planning and delivering the internal audit service.

Our work methodology includes five main phases:

  • Project Management
  • Developing and conducting the required steps related to the project
  • Communication and customer relationship management
  • Reports preparation
  • Quality assurance services

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