Governance, Risk and
Compliance System

CAREweb™ (Control and Risk Evaluation) is a complete GRC system that encompasses the three lines model recommended by the IIA to empower businesses to reach their strategic goals. With CAREweb™, you can capture and assess risks, evaluate the strength of mitigating controls and comply with regulations. You can also assign tasks dynamically and send automated email alerts.

CAREweb is being used by numerous well-known organizations in the region, including 40 of the major financial institutions operating in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Algeria.

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CAREweb™ helps in getting you more organized and efficient

Are you still capturing your risks and controls on spreadsheets and papers? Facing difficulties in having a sound risk management system? We provide you a better and an effective way, “CAREweb™”. The system helps in capturing, assessing your risks and managing the controls, and providing an effective risk management system.