CaseWare IDEA Data Analysis software is the essential tool for auditors, accountants and other finance professionals to quickly analyze data, provide deeper insights, and make audits more efficient. Equipped with more than 100 audit-relevant tasks and a broad range of statistical tools and features, IDEA makes it easy to analyze very large datasets, import data from virtually any source, automate data analysis tasks, zero in on anomalies or outliers, identify trends, duplicates or unusual transactions, track the steps in an analysis, visualize results and more.

The system contains numerous features that include (but not limited to):

Easy Data Import.
IDEA’s universal file conversion capabilities make data conversion easy. Get data from virtually any data source, including unstructured data (PDFs), text files, reports, data from ODBC and SAP, and import it into an IDEA database file.

IDEA’s Visualization feature.
This feature includes two tasks, Discover and Visualize, that create charts—including line, scatter, bar, pie and treemap charts—and field statistics, using audit intelligence to profile your data so you can quickly pinpoint patterns, trends, outliers and correlations. Data can be displayed in up to 10 customizable panels within dashboards, helping you identify risk areas and prepare a more focused audit. The Visualization results and insightful statistics in your dashboards can be shared and reused for recurring audits, and customized to tailor your results to stakeholder needs.

Work with Data from Different Systems.
Sometimes the data you need is split across different databases, teams or departments. Bring the data into IDEA, then combine them to form a new file. IDEA’s Relate tasks help you join, append and compare databases. Match databases with one or more common fields such as purchase order number, or combine separate vendor and customer tables to check for errant accounts. You can also match payroll and employee tables to reveal unmatched records and ghost employees.

Fast and Automated Analysis.
IDEA 10 helps make analysis faster and more efficient. Standard industry-specific audit routines are available in pre-packaged apps, allowing you to focus your effort on results and deeper analysis. With IDEA, you can also perform custom analysis with one of three scripting languages—IDEAScript, Visual Script and Python.


For more information about the software and its features, please visit CaseWare IDEA website.

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