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Aldar International for Governance Consultancy (AIGC) – sole distributor of CaseWare IDEA in the MENA region – successfully implemented IDEA in Oman Aviation Group and conducted Levels 1 & 2 Training for The Group Internal Audit Team. Below is a brief interview with Mr Tahir Mahmood (Senior Manager, Internal Audit) following the training sessions.

AIGC Interviewer : Thank you Mr Mahmoud for accepting to conduct this interview.
Mr Mahmoud : I would like to thank AIGC for the wonderful training session extended to our team.

  • AIGC Interviewer : Why did you choose IDEA software? ​
    Mr. Mahmoud : Data Analytics is an important skill to be learned by our auditors and for this purpose we were looking for a tool that could effectively assist our auditors to be proficient in data analytics. We found IDEA to be a suitable tool for this purpose. We chose IDEA to analyze the big data that we are handling on a day-today basis during various audits. IDEA is also to assist our staff in getting familiarize with the CAATs and to receive the maximum benefits i.e. accuracy and efficiency in data analysis performed during the audit or consultancy assignments.
  • What challenges will IDEA solve for you?
    We are targeting analyzing the large data that Excel cannot support. We are also planning to implement automated scripts for complex areas related to aviation industry. Generally, IDEA processes large data quickly and it has multiple features and formulas to resolve complex problems. ​It will overcome the limitations of conventional data analytics techniques and problems while managing huge databases.
  • How was your overall training experience?
    We are very satisfied with the training sessions conducted recently and all of our staff have the same feedback and I am sure this training will help them use this tool in more effective manner.  During the training, all important IDEA features and functionalities were demonstrated along with live practice of few actual scenarios. This will assist us in enhancing the quality of our audit work, in particularly, data analytics.
  • How do you think IDEA will improve your efficiency and effectiveness?
    IDEA can bring efficiency and effectiveness in our audit work through assisting us to implement our audit programs related to data analytics. Audit tests that could not be performed through other conventional tools can be implemented with the help of IDEA. IDEA can save time due to speedy analysis of data. With the built-in IDEA functions along with options available in Passport, multiple options are available to analyze the big data in different ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Enhanced coverage, accuracy and efficiency in various data analysis performed within our audit assignments are only few benefits to mention that would be certainly achieved with the use of IDEA software.
  • Would you recommend IDEA to other Aviation companies?

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